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Lunar Module, SpaceCraft Assembly & Test, Grumman Bethpage

SpaceCraft Assembly and Test (S/CAT) Remembered

Dedicated to the men and women that designed, built and tested the Lunar Module at Grumman Aerospace Corporation, Bethpage, New York.

This is a republished version of the classic web site by by Frank A Pullo.

The original version of Frank's site is mirrored here.


July 1969: This is picture was taken from the Grumman Plane News and depicts Plt 39 as Apollo 11 was landing. Most of the personnel shown here were from the LM 9 Test Team. Incidentally, the young fellow with a dark jacket with his arms crossed talking to Bob O' Neill looks familiar.

"We... the builders of the LM are proud of
the mission accomplishments of the LM...
and that these two buttons were never
used during the eight voyages the
astronauts took to the moon."


Sea of Tranquility today...
Six LM descent Stages remain on the moon ...
they are a lasting Grumman legacy to the Apollo program.


Lunar Module SpaceCraft Assembly & Test - original photos and text by Frank A Pullo 1997 FAP Systems Group All rights reserved.
Reposted with new material by Eric Hartwell licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License
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