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LM Manufacturing Pictures

Parts Manufacturing - Ascent Stage midsection engine decks being inspected after completion.   Mid section skins and lower deck assembly (LM-2) being aligned in welding fixture

Ascent Stage midsection structural with welded internal skin, lower deck and upper deck / docking tunnel   Machined forward bulkhead midsection to be joined to skins, decks and docking tunnel.
Machined aft bulkhead of Ascent Stage in midsection fixture with skins, decking and docking tunnel   Ascent Stage aft equipment bay is mounted


Ascent Stage -Front face fabrication of LM-2   Ascent Stage in final assembly fixture after addition of front face to center section and crew compartment.
Structural mid section Ascent Stage .   Structural Ascent Stage of (LM Test Article 8) LTA - 8
Ascent Stage pressure test LTA - 8   Structural Ascent Stage being delivered to final assembly Plant 5

Ascent Stage in Plant 5 work stand being assembled. Installation of electrical harnesses and plumbing lines - external skins are being check fitted  
Descent Stage engine ring fabrication at Plant 2   First structural panels of Descent Stage cruciform being loaded onto the structural assembly fixture.
Descent Stage in structural support fixture prior to installation of detail parts cover assemblies and struts.   Descent Stage in workstand prep work prior to tank installation


Lunar Module SpaceCraft Assembly & Test - original photos and text by Frank A Pullo 1997 FAP Systems Group All rights reserved.
Reposted with new material by Eric Hartwell licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License
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