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Lunar Module Spacecraft Assembly & Test

S/CAT Remembered

The "S/CAT Remembered" site is dedicated to the men and women that designed, built and tested the Lunar Module at Grumman Aerospace Corporation, Bethpage, New York.

I would like to thank the Grumman History Center for some of the material used on this Web page presentation.


This Web site is not finished. I welcome any contributions that are relevant to the subject matter of this presentation. Some obvious missing material, (due in part to my fading memory), are:

  • Grumman patches for LM 1, LM2, LM 3, LTA 1, and LTA 8; Do they exist?
  • Organization charts or list showing all the personnel of S/CAT .. 1964 - 1971
  • Pictures of plant 5, 39, the trailers etc..
  • Support departments that were attached to S/CAT... i.e. Ground Support, QC, NASA , ACE people , technicians, data analysis, cog. engineers, Pubs ..etc

Please send me anything that will be of help... even a hello to:  Frank A Pullo at,


About Frank Pullo

Frank Pullo worked as test director at Grumman.

In the late 1960s, when Frank Pullo helped design electronic circuitry on several Grumman Lunar Modules used in the Apollo space missions, he put in such heavy workweeks, he was instructed to visit the company physician. After clocking 70 hours a week, such visits were mandatory at Grumman. But Pullo, of Wantagh, didn't stop there. He routinely clocked 90-hour weeks. And, some nights he didn't bother going home, instead curling up inside a trailer used by some of the astronauts working on the $180-million modules. "Some of my time sheets were unbelievable," recalled Pullo, 68. "But working on the modules was like building the pyramids. We knew we were working on something that was going to be tremendously historic."

-- Samuel Bruchey, Lunar Module Meets Its Makers - Spacecraft Exhibited at Local Museum

On a personal note:

LM Test Article One (LTA-1) of June 1998 ... just arriving at the Cradle of Aviation museum. It has been 32 years since the last time I entered this "Grumman in house LM" and frankly, I don't know who is in worse shape now... the LM or I. But alas, we will restore this LM before it goes on exhibit... but I....


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  • Pullo, Frank ; Salvarezza, Michael, ATTS - ATLAS template translation system, AUTOTESTCON '86; Proceedings of the International Automatic Testing Conference, San Antonio, TX; UNITED STATES; 8-11 Sept. 1986. pp. 211-216. 1986
  • Pullo, Frank A.; Beardsley, Anthony C., COSM: A Space Station EVAS test challenge, IN: AUTOTESTCON '87; Proceedings of the International Automatic Testing Conference, San Francisco, CA, Nov. 3-5, 1987 (A88-36528 14-59). New York, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., 1987, p. 221-226.


Editor's Note

By Eric Hartwell,

Frank Pullo's original Lunar Module, SpaceCraft Assembly & Test web site is an essential reference for the Apollo Lunar Module. Unfortunately, the site's been off the net for a few years. I finally decided to resurrect it here.

I retrieved most of the web site from the Internet Archive, then reformatted it to remove the frames and reduce it to just a few pages. I haven't changed the original text much, other than correcting the odd typo and reformatting it. For purists, the original site is here (I tweaked the frames so they work with HTML 4).

Changes and additions:

  • March 18, 2007: Recovered most of the original site; reformatted; uploaded to
  • March 20, 2007: Added LM-13 information and LM-1, LM-3 patches to Mission Profiles page; added descent engine photo to Manufacturing page.


Lunar Module SpaceCraft Assembly & Test - original photos and text by Frank A Pullo 1997 FAP Systems Group All rights reserved.
Reposted with new material by Eric Hartwell licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License
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